1. Alexis @ Elite Paris
    Designer : Alexander Asvarischtsch
    Photo : Mehdi Sefrioui

  2. STREET VIEW by Mehdi Sefrioui

  3. Grace @ Elite Paris by Mehdi Sefrioui
    MUAH : Juan Romero

  4. Grace @ Elite Paris by Mehdi Sefrioui
    MUAH : Juan Romero

  5. Franco @ Bananas by Mehdi Sefrioui

  6. Gabrielle by Mehdi Sefrioui

  7. Photo © Mehdi Sefrioui. Julio Goba in vest and hat by Kiliwatch, shirt by Edwin, pants by Diesel Black Gold.
    Photo © Mehdi Sefrioui. Joseph Gio Degbadjo wearing pullover by Daniel Hechter, pants by Levis and Stetson hat. Josué Comoe wearing shirt by Ted Baker, pants by US Polo and hat by Marks & Spencer.
    Photo © Mehdi Sefrioui. Gauderic Vilmare wearing vintage Burberry trench from Kiliwatch and pants by Levis.
    Photo © Mehdi Sefrioui. Juilo Goba wearing shirt by Issey Miyake. Gauderic Vilmare and Josué Comoe wearing shirts by Issey Miyake.
    Photo © Mehdi Sefrioui. Gauderic Vilmare and Josué Comoe wearing shirts by Issey Miyake.


    Mehdi Sefrioui | Handing a Pink Slip to Fashion’s Black List

    Moroccan photographer Mehdi Sefrioui debuts his photographic fashion editorial on Another Africa celebrating the black body, black men and mens’ fashion. A homage to his another Africa, where equality, beauty and agency co-exist. View more images on anotherafrica.net .

    Source | anotherafrica.net

    All images courtesy of the artist. All rights reserved.